The Wild Women of Winedale

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and

Jamie Wooten

Directed by Lynn Wilde Concannon

Hello everyone, Thank you for swapping your tickets for another date and we are working on re-opening the show asap.  Currently the Brighton Coffeehouse and Theatre (BCAT) is only approved for 20% at this time. So unfortunately we will not be able to put the show up at that location.  So that being said, I have decided to move the show to the Jane Tasch Performing Arts Theatre in Pinckney.  Though not the intimacy that we have at the BCAT or all the wonderful coffee and desserts.  This 600 seat theate will allow for the social distancing we need for the cast, crew and audience members to stay safe. 

 Thank you for your patience and

I hoping the show will open before the end of the year.


Just like before, I will email everyone and follow up with a call to re-schedule your date.  If you have any question, please email me at 



Show is still on hold 




Only 70 seats per performance will be sold at this time, so get your tickets early.  More seats could be added, but we must stay within the guidelines set by the State of Michigan.

Tickets are $27 online (plus $1.50 credit card fee) plus a .50 transaction/processing fee per ticket that will be will be added at the end of your order.

If you have a group of 10+ email me and I can pull a group of tickets for you.

Please select your dates carefully.


If you would like to join us for coffee or

a sandwich before the show, please be at the

coffeehouse 30 min. prior to the performance so the

production can start on time.

I LOVED loved loved the show “The Wild Women of Winedale”

 at The Wilde Theatre in Brighton.
Great job -all actors are awesome!


Great show! Kudos to all!



If you have any problems or issues, please email me at or you can call me at 810 923-7705.  please note: If you call my cell number, please note that I work 8-5 Monday - Friday and I will get back to you asap.

Together they prove it is never too late to take another one of life’s paths for a grand new adventure.

About the show:

This laugh out loud comedy focuses on three women at crossroads in their lives.  This show is about two sisters, Fanny and Willa and their frustratingly quirky sister-in-law Johnnie Faye.

This feisty and fun-loving trio has supported and cheered one another through life’s highs and lows through the years. As Fanny experiences a hilariously inappropriate reaction to her 60th birthday, while Willa is so stressed out from her nursing job, she resorts to vodka and speed-knitting to cope. Johnnie Faye, determined to put her year of widowhood behind her, desperately tries to find a man—preferably a man with a house, since hers is somewhere at the bottom of a Florida sinkhole.  Sprinkle in stories from women that talk about the "Defining Moments" that changed their lives and you have a show that you make ask yourself the question, " What would make me happy"  A show you and your friends and family are going to love.


Doreen Whitman & Flo Hudson - Kathleen Wilmoth

Fanny Wild Cantrelle - Angie Dill

Willa Wild - Cynthia Szczesny

Johnnie Faye “Jef” Wild - Sarah Burcon

Betty Dunlap & Nora Griffin - Dana Blaszkowski

Glenda Bates & Edith Macklin – Laura Mandernack

Special Thank you to our advertisers:


Brighton Bar and Grill


Ciao Amici's

Lynch's Funeral Home

Pinckney Players

Right at Home of Central MI

Sound Financial

The White Dress

Performances are held at the Brighton Coffeehouse and Theatre

306 W. Main Street Brighton, MI  48116





Email me if you are interested in auditioning, email:










Role available:

Jill - 20+​

Tony - 20+

Peggy - 50

Frank - Tony Amato

About the show

Meet Frank Jackson, who is set in his ways, and you could say has been a in rut for a while, and his wife, Peggy who has plans to seduce her humdrum husband in hopes of sparking some life into their otherwise routine marriage. 


As their yearly vacation starts to warm up, Tony and Peggy show up.  It seems both couples have rented the same cabin for the same weekend! Neither wants to leave and they agree to spend the weekend together. Join us as we watch the comedic clash between generations.


This comedy is a reminder that growing older does not mean we must stay set in our ways and become very predictable. This is the perfect show to remind you to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life while we still can.




All show performances are:

   Friday and Saturday shows at 8:00 p.m.

Sunday show at 3:00 p.m.

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Sept. 24 - Oct 10, 2021


Next up:

Weekend Comedy!

By Jeanne and Sam Bobrick

Thank you to the Nuncracker cast!  A short video of how we transforming the Coffeehouse into a theater! 


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